The Aleksander House: an 1882 historic inn in the heart of Old Louisville, Kentucky


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Located on the corner or third and Oak streets in Old Louisville, The Third Avenue Cafe is a neighborhood restaurant just two blocks from the Aleksander House. They specialize in innovative American cuisine and prices are reasonable. Expect to see plenty of locals, and visitors who are staying in nearby Inns and B&Bs. Dress casual, jeans, shorts, whatever and bring your dog. Sit outdoors in the garden patio and have a glass of Kentucky wine, while you listen to live music and enjoy the food.$$

BUCKS, at the Mayflower Hotel

Also located in Old Louisville, within walking distance of the Aleksander House, is Buck's Restaurant in the Mayflower Hotel. Very popular with both locals & visitors, it's the perfect place for celebrating special occassions. More upscale than the Third Avenue Cafe, Buck's is an intimate, romantic, new york-style restaurant with tinking piano and vases of lovely white flowers gracing the entire room. The food is eclectic gourmet and the service is very good. $$$$

Jack Frys is my favorite restaurant. The creative American food is great, the presentation beautiful, the ambience pleasant, the service excellent. Order the Pistachio-encrusted salmon. It is "to die for!" A popular spot, reminiscent of the 1960s saloon it once was, it  mixes with the intimacy of a small New York haunt with a european bistro..$$$$   

Louisville has fantastic restaurants, with every kind of cuisine you can imagine, from asian and european varieties, to middle eastern,  caribbean and cuban.  Above are three of our favorites. See other favorites below. Click on link to see listings and information on locally owned restaurants, of which Louisville has many.
Locally owned

*starred restaurants are within walking distance of our Inn

*211 Clover Lane (502) 866-9570

*Amici's (502) 637-3167

Asiatique (502) 899-3578

Azalea (502) 895-5493

*Bucks  (502) 627-5284

Cafe Metro (502) 458-4830

Club Grotto (502) 459-5275

Equus (502) 897-9721

Jack Frys (502) 452-9244

Jicama Grill (502) 454-4383

LeRelais (502) 451-9020

Lilly’s (502) 451-0447

Lynns Paradise Café (502) 583-EGGS

Napa River Grill (502) 893-0141

*Third Avenue Cafe  (502) 585-2233